Printed circuit board

What is the difference between PCB boards with sunken gold and gold plated boards?

The difference between sink gold and gold-plated board process is as follows.

① sink gold uses a chemical reaction to generate a layer of plating, generally thicker, is a chemical nickel gold layer deposition method, you can achieve a thicker gold layer.
② gold plating uses the principle of electrolysis through the current, also called electroplating method.

In the actual product application, 95% of the gold plate is sinker gold plate, because the poor solderability of gold plating plate is its fatal disadvantage!

What are the benefits of sunken gold plate:
(1) the thickness of the sunken gold plate gold is much thicker than gold plating, sunken gold will be golden yellow compared to gold plating is more yellow, gold plating will be slightly white (nickel color).
(2) The sunken gold is easier to weld than gold plated, and will not cause bad welding. For products with bonding, it is more conducive to the processing of bonding.
(3) sink gold plate only pads with sink gold, solder resist oil below is no sink gold is copper. The actual board to distinguish the process can be wiped off the solder resist oil to see whether it is copper or gold, is the copper side sink gold.
(4) sink gold board only pads have sink gold, so the line of solder resist and copper layer of the combination is more solid. Works in making compensation will not have an impact on the pitch.
(5) As wiring becomes more and more precise, Jalitron has achieved a minimum 3.5 mil line pitch line width. Gold plating, on the other hand, is prone to gold wire short circuit. Gold-plated boards only have gold on the pads, so they do not produce gold short circuits.
(6) The crystal structure is more dense than gold plating, so it is not easy to produce oxidation, and the flatness of gold plating is better.


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