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Trends in electronic components

Electronic components have been favored by major technical personnel since their invention, and today we will talk about the future development direction of electronic components together.

New components refers to the use of new principles, new technologies, new processes or new materials manufactured with a new structure, new functions, new uses of a new generation of electronic components, can promote the national economy information, promote the renewal of electronic technology and the whole machine. It has the characteristics of miniaturization, multi-functional, green, has a good market application prospects, can achieve large-scale production, the formation of industry.

The focus of the future development of new components is.

◆ Surface mount components focus on the development of metal electrode chip ceramic capacitors, chip resistors, chip inductors, chip tantalum capacitors and chip diodes, transistors.
◆ Thick film hybrid integrated circuit (HIC) focus on the development and production of communication products, automotive electronics and other investment products, as well as thick film HIC with ceramic substrates.
◆ Sensitive components and sensors focus on the development of voltage-sensitive, heat-sensitive and gas-sensitive products.
New power electronic devices focus on the development of VDMOS, SIT and IGBT, and optoelectronic devices focus on the development of LCD, LED chips, PDP, etc.
New power supply focuses on the development of NiMH battery, lithium-ion battery and poly compound battery.
◆ High-frequency frequency devices focus on the development of high-frequency sound surface wave devices, microwave dielectric devices, etc.

Can this short article give you a feeling of clarity? The rapid development of electronic components at the same time also began to be more inclined to environmental protection and green, while more new energy and technology will also be slowly integrated into the industry, let us look forward to it.


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