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SMT mounter operation technical points

Is SMT bonder difficult to operate? In fact, it is very easy to operate SMT bonder in the right way. The bonder is one of the key equipment of the bonder. Because of its high efficiency and stable performance, it brings great advantages to our production. With SMT bonder, we can greatly improve the production efficiency. With SMT mounter, we can provide high quality products to our customers. Therefore, the role of SMT is irreplaceable. As a manufacturer of high-end placement machine in China, JEDOBON’s professional technical staff will tell you the key points of SMT placement machine operation.

First, understand the common labeling of the bonder
We all know that many machines and equipment have specific signs to learn before use, and SMT bonder is no exception. Then, at this time, we need to fully understand the meaning and role of these signs, so as to play a warning role. After fully understanding the bonder, we can use the bonder more safely.

Second, do a good start-up inspection
First, to determine whether the air pressure of the patch is within the normal range is important; second, whether there is debris inside the machine to prevent interference and failure; in addition, to ensure that the patch is installed in place is also very important, because it is the key to ensure long-term normal use.

Third, to protect the boot sequence
When using the placement machine, attention should be paid to the correct start-up sequence, which is closely related to the safety of employees and the use of the machine. The correct starting sequence is the guarantee of subsequent operation and work. Therefore, we also need to pay special attention to the start-up sequence.

Fourth, to actively troubleshoot
After a long time using the mounter, inevitably will consume and damage the machine. Therefore, troubleshooting is also an important task. In this way, active troubleshooting can identify problems in a timely manner and solve them quickly and effectively. This is the main purpose and role of troubleshooting.

After listening to the interpretation of the technical staff of Jie Duo Bang, do you have a deeper understanding of the operation of SMT bonder? In fact, you can see that as long as you follow the labeling of the mounter operation, do a good job every step of the safety check and installation check, operation of the mounter is not a difficult thing!


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