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PCBA shipping and packaging methods

PCBA packaging method

1、Anti-static EPE foam tray is used for packaging, turnover and transportation.
2、Using permanent anti-static black injection tray for packaging, turnover and transportation.
3、Anti-static blister box tray is used for packaging, turnaround and transportation.
4、Package, turnover and transportation by 3G turnover car.
5、Adopt other special designated turnover apparatus for turnover.
How to package PCBA for shipment
1、On-site confirmation of PCBA with customers
2、pcba anti-static cotton bag packaging
3、PCBA whole box packaging, according to the number of different choose different specifications of the crate

PCBA transport packaging requirements
1、Packaging material
PCBA board is a relatively fragile and easily damaged products, must be carefully packed with bubble bags, pearl cotton, electrostatic bags and vacuum bags before transportation.

2、Anti-static packaging
Static electricity will break through the PCBA board chip, due to static electricity can not be seen, not touch, easy to produce, so in the process of packaging and transportation, must be used in the anti-static packaging

3, moisture-proof packaging
Before packaging, we should clean and dry the surface of PCBA, and spray three-proof paint.

4、Anti-vibration packaging
Put the packed PCBA board into the anti-static packaging box, when placed vertically, stack upwards no more than two layers, and place stop dividers in the middle to maintain stability and prevent shaking.


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