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PCBSHARE focuses on one-stop PCB intelligent manufacturing services. It integrates electronic parts sourcing, PCBprototype, small volume production and big volume production to provide customers with high-quality and high-efficiency services.

Are you often hesitant to find a PCB supplier in China or in your local? Are you worried about that Chinese PCB couldn’t meet your local quality level? Are you worried about cost? Or are you still concerned that there will always be many force majeure factors that will cause production delays when manufacturing in your local area?

At present, China has become the global electronic product manufacturing base, and this status will not change dramatically for a long time in the future. The output of electronic products produced in China already ranks first in the world. It’s not a bad thing to try Chinese suppliers, so you can make a comparison. In this way, you can know where suppliers are more suitable for your current situation.

The overall capacity of China’s SMT industry has been greatly improved because the world’s large-scale EMS manufacturers maintain the trend of transferring or expanding production to China.

As a result, PCBSHARE not only inherits the characteristics of traditional European and American manufacturing industries, but also creates the first PCB flexible intelligent manufacturing platform by using artificial intelligence and big data technology.

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Why Choose Chinese PCB?

Standardized and normalized management mode

During the rapid development of PCB for more than 20 years, China has continuously absorbed the production and management experience of Europe and the United States. The entire production process of China’s PCB   factories has adopted a more standardized and standardized management model. In the past, because the management of Chinese suppliers was not strict enough, the quality of the products was not stable, and there were still some products whose quality did not meet the requirements for use. However, drawing on the management system of Europe and the United States, we use standardized management, the overall quality has been greatly improved than before.

For example, Chinese suppliers basically adopt international ISO standards now so that promoted the standardization of Chinese suppliers.

 PCBSHARE is not only a national high-tech enterprise, but also obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification, ISO14001 environmental management system certification, ISO45001 occupational health and safety system certification, and has completed tens of millions of RMB preA round of financing.

Continuously upgraded SMT technology

With the development of IC packaging in the direction of high integration and high performance, it promotes the wide application of SMT technology in high-end electronic products.


At the same time, the update and iteration speed of electronic products in the Chinese market is very fast, and the technology is developing rapidly. Moreover, the electronic products in the Chinese market are showing a trend of miniaturization and multi-function, especially the market of consumer electronic products represented by mobile phones is showing explosive growth, which further drives the miniaturization of surface mount components and products. The high density of   has greatly improved the application level of Chinese suppliers’ SMT technology, and also increased the technological difficulty of the entire industry.

PCBSHARE closely follows the direction of technological development all the way. All prototype production line in PCBSHARE use EUROPLACER high-precision SMT production equipment and use IOT Internet of Things technology to make SMT production equipment highly coordinated with MES system, which complete the production requirements of customer product PCBA samples with high quality. Specialized in providing services for you who need flexible production custom production lines. Learn about turnkey PCB Services.

Strong supply chain and Affordable price

Have you ever had such an experience? when you outsource your PCBA project in your local, finally you find they outsource your PCB or the whole PCBA in China. Yes, some EMS company they are willing to purchase the PCB in China for the cheap price, even sometimes they will outsource the whole project in China when they find the price is cheaper. Because China has the most complete supply chain in the world. In PCB   industry, from PCB procurement to component procurement, it is very easy to solve in China and can be at a very low price. Especially when you find a lot of components you can’t purchase in our local, but you can find it in the Chinese market.


However, all of these reason is because of transportation and geographical advantages, lower land rent and labor costs, and Government support.

As a turnkey supplier, PCBSHARE establish a comprehensive and effective supply chain management system. providing a wide range of services, covering raw material procurement, manufacturing, quality control, logistics and distribution, and even after-sales service. We organize the team, serve customers according to project management, sales teams (sales, clerk assistant, sales assistant), purchasing teams, quality teams, regularly and actively communicates material delivery status, factory production status, etc.

PCBSHARE not only has the same advantages of low land cost and labor cost, transportation, and geographical location as other Chinese suppliers. Our strong equipment support, and efficient management system have greatly reduced our production costs. Especially PCBSHARE is a professional Online PCBA Prototype Platform, you just need to upload your Gerber file and BOM list on our website, it will get the whole price in seconds even including shipping. Our powerful BOM quotation system allows us to process a lot of BOM quotations a day with only a few employees.

Tips to choose PCB manufacturing in China

Find the suppliers with international quality certification

Many PCB manufacturers have used ISO 9001, ISO14000, ISO/TS16949 standards to ensure that their services and products meet regulatory and industry-wide quality standards. ISO sets guidelines for meeting customer expectations by providing quality services and products to companies around the world. Also, UL Certification is dedicated to creating a safe working and living environment. UL regularly updates safety standards for products used in different commercial and industrial sectors.

All of PCBs in PCBSHARE are produced based UL and ISO certification standard. All our normal specification PCBs are strictly obeying to IPC-A-6011/6012 Class 2 latest version and IPC-A-600 Class 2 latest version.

Find a reliable PCB supplier

As a reliable PCB   supplier, they have their own PCB & PCB   factory, advanced production equipment, professional technicians, and production staff to keep the high quality product. Their complete production technology can meet most of your product requirements and they very welcome you to visit their factory.

 PCBSHARE has an intelligent storage system of more than 200,000 general-use electronic components, an advanced industrial IOT production line of 10,000 square meters, and a sound supply chain management and quality control system, helping 2 million small and medium-sized enterprises in the world to accelerate the process of product launch. It is very trustworthy and has long-term support and trust from customers all over the world. We are very informative about this and serve all our clients well.

A good after-sales service

If you choose a PCB   manufacturing in China instead of your local supplier, you must pay attention to their after-sales service. First of all, they should have the sale team with good silk on English to communicate with you and they should have the good knowledge on the PCB. This enables efficient handling of project engineering issues, production management and after-sales question answering. Also, after-sales response time and sense of responsibility are also very important, especially when you receive the goods and find some problems on the product. A good and reliable supplier will reply to you in a timely manner and actively find the reason of the problem for you and will not shirk responsibility in solving the problem.

 PCBSHARE has an experienced sales service team and senior technical support team, providing professional project design to production assistance. The English communication ability of the sales team and technical support team is a must, and they all have relevant engineering knowledge background. Make our entire communication efficiency and manufacturing process more efficient, and product quality more guaranteed.

Question Time to PCBSHARE

So, after you know so much about the PCB   in China, I believe you still have some questions you want to know

As a Chinese PCB   manufacturer, what certification do your company got?

We passed ISO9001, ISO14001, and ISO45001. And has been recognized by the State Patent Office and has obtained more than 150 intellectual property certificates issued by the state.

What are your factory equipment?

We have Europlacer automatic pick&place machine, Europlacer intelligent warehouse, automatic stencil printer, SPI Sinic-TEK, intelligent first article tester, selective solder for RoHS&Leaded, and X-Ray machine, etc.

Could you offer the turnkey PCB service?

Yes, can offer one-stop service from PCB manufacturing, BOM sourcing, PCB  , SMT, THT, PCBA testing, product  , packaging, and delivery.

Could you accept the customer offer the printed circuit boards for?

Yes, we can accept you offer the PCB, and we help you to purchase the components and PCB.

How much when I need your turnkey PCB service?

The cost is based on your PCB design, component and the   qty, you use our online quote platform. Or you can send us email by service@ PCBSHARE.com

What files do I need when I use PCBSHARE online quote platform?

The files you need to offer are Gerber files, Bill of Material (BOM) file, and pick and place file.

Is there any MOQ for the PCBA manufacturing?

No, we can do only one set PCBA for you, the qty based on your need.

What time can we send the message to your sales for the service?

24 hours.

How many layers PCB can you manufacturing?

Yes, we have the prototype production line and volume production line. You don’t need to worry about it.

Could you offer PCBA prototype service and volume PCB service?

Yes, fastest we can offer 3wds for the turnkey PCB .


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