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PCB bare board analysis


How to ensure the reliability of electronic products design? Three aspects for your interpretation, worth collecting! The article mentioned in the manufacturability design mainly includes three aspects: PCB board manufacturability design, PCBA can be assembled design, low manufacturing cost design.

Among them, the PCB board manufacturability design is mainly from the perspective of PCB board manufacturing, consider the manufacturing process parameters, so as to improve the board through rate and reduce the process communication costs. For example, the line width, line spacing design is sufficient to meet the true requirements of the factory, hole to line, hole to hole distance between compliance, these points need to be considered clearly at the time of design.

Specifically, in the development of electronic products, in addition to the logical circuit diagram design, PCB as the physical carrier of the design content, the intent of all design, product functionality is ultimately achieved through the PCB board.

Therefore, PCB design in any project is an indispensable part of the PCB board manufacturability design needs to draw the attention of the majority of engineers.

However, the actual situation is often: after the PCB design for the production of the circuit physical board, usually because of the design and production equipment made of process mismatch, resulting in a well-designed PCB board can not be produced into a physical circuit board.

Therefore, design engineers in the design process need to clearly understand the process of production process capabilities.

DFM manufacturability analysis software, the software’s detection rules according to the production process parameters of the designed PCB board manufacturability analysis. Help design engineers to check out the manufacturability problems before production, so DFM for design and manufacturing bridge.

DFM check item case sharing

GT DFM manufacturability analysis software has developed 19 major items and 52 detailed inspection rules for the analysis items of PCB bare boards, and the inspection rules can basically cover all possible manufacturability problems. The following is a few DFM analysis to help users solve the classic case.

Allegro design files short-circuiting.


DFM electrical network check items, right-click inside the DFM software to select the electrical network, found that the power supply and ground is short-circuited, after checking the PCB file inside Allegro. Found that there are two SMD pads of the thermal ground holes and power layer is a short circuit, ground holes in the power layer is not isolated resulting in a short circuit.




PADS design file 2d line short circuit.

DFM electrical network check items, in the DFM software right click inside the selection of electrical network, found that the power supply and ground is a short circuit, after verification in the layout engineer, is the fifth layer of 2D lines, in the transfer Gerber file did not cancel the 2D lines, resulting in checking the electrical network short circuit.





Altium design file open circuit.


DFM electrical network check item, right-click inside the DFM software to select the electrical network, found that the second layer of the entire version of the ground network is not connected, open the file with AD software to verify that the entire version of the ground holes are isolated from the copper, thus leading to the ground network open circuit.



Resistance solder leakage window.

DFM solder resist open window abnormal check items, solder is to prevent welding, solder resist ink is insulating non-conductive, solder resist open window is exposed to copper in order to conduct electricity, when the place to be soldered no open window, cover the solder resist ink can not be used for welding.



Leakage drilling.

Missing drill hole analysis check items, plug-in holes for DIP device type pins, if the design of the lack of plug-in holes will lead to DIP devices can not plug-in welding, if the finished product after making up the hole is no copper in the hole leads to open circuit, can not be remedied. Conductive over the hole if the lack of holes, the electrical network can not conduct, the finished product open circuit is not conductive, can not be used.



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