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Multi-layer PCB board production considerations

Multilayer boards, in the eyes of professionals, usually refers to more than 10 layers of circuit boards, it has an insurmountable gap with the traditional multilayer boards, either for the enterprise or for the quality of the product, have put forward very high requirements. And at the same time it has a wide range of applications, there is a very deep development potential waiting for us to explore. Today, let’s study what we need to pay attention to in the production process of multilayer board!

1. Lamination
All multilayer boards must have an urgent process. In this process, if you don’t pay attention, there will be delamination, slippage, etc. Therefore, the properties of the material must be considered in the design. The more layers there are, the more difficult it is to control expansion and contraction and to compensate for dimensional coefficients, and problems arise. If the insulation layer is too thin, test failure may occur. Therefore, more attention is paid to the stamping process, where there will be more problems.

2. Inner Layer Circuit
The materials used to manufacture multilayer boards are also very different from other boards. For example, the copper skin on the surface of the multilayer board is thicker. This increases the difficulty of the inner line layout. If the inner core board is very thin, it is easy to have abnormal exposure, which may be caused by folds. Generally speaking, the unit size of multilayer boards is relatively large and the production cost is high. Once the problem occurs, it will bring great loss to the company. The revenue is likely to be unable to maintain break-even.

3. Alignment
The more the number of layers, the higher the requirement of inter-layer alignment will be. Generally speaking, the interlayer alignment tolerance is controlled at ±75μm. Due to the influence of size, temperature and other factors, the difficulty factor of manipulating the interlayer alignment of multilayer boards can be very high.

4. Hole drilling
Since multilayer boards are made of special materials, the difficulty of drilling is increased. This is also a test for drilling technology. Due to the increase of thickness, the drilling tools are easy to break and a series of problems such as slant drilling may occur. We should pay more attention to it!


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