Printed circuit board

High-speed PCB design guide to PCB layout

In the design, layout is an important part. The result of the layout will directly affect the effect of wiring, so it can be considered that a reasonable layout is the first step to the success of PCB design.

Layout is divided into two ways, one is the interactive layout, the other is the automatic layout, generally on the basis of the automatic layout with the interactive layout for adjustment, in the layout can also be based on the alignment of the gate circuit redistribution, the two gate circuits will be exchanged, so that it becomes the best layout for easy wiring. After the layout is completed, the design file and related information can be returned to the schematic diagram, so that the information in the PCB board is consistent with the schematic diagram, so that in the future, the file can be built, change the design can be synchronized, while the simulation of the relevant information is updated, so that the electrical performance and function of the circuit can be verified at the board level.

–Consider the overall aesthetics
The success of a product, one is to focus on the internal quality, the second is to take into account the overall aesthetics, both are more perfect to consider the product is successful.
On a PCB board, the layout of components requires a balanced, sparse and orderly, not top-heavy or head heavy.

–Layout check

Are the printed board dimensions consistent with the processing drawing dimensions? Can it meet the PCB manufacturing process requirements? Is there a positioning mark?
Components in two-dimensional, three-dimensional space there is no conflict?

Is the layout of components orderly and neatly arranged? Is all the cloth finished?

Can the components that need to be replaced frequently be replaced easily? Is it easy to insert the insert board into the equipment?

Is there a proper distance between the thermal element and the heating element?

Is it easy to adjust the adjustable components?

Is there a heat sink in the area where heat dissipation is required? Is the air flowing smoothly?

Is the signal flow smooth and the shortest interconnection?

Are plugs, sockets, etc. contradictory to the mechanical design?

Is the interference problem of the line considered?

The war is going to come a little more violent, PCB proofing price reduction continues to increase.

(1) Jalitron PCB proofing 5 yuan national shipping continue to play.

(2) for PCB proofing of all engineering fees from 50 yuan adjusted to 20 yuan.

(3) the original need of 50 yuan now only 20 yuan! Price reduction of 150%.

4) PCB proofing board fee adjusted from 420 yuan / square meter to 350 yuan / square meter, emphasizing that this is a proofing board fee, Jialitron’s small batch board fee has long been reduced from 350 yuan / square meter to 280 yuan / square meter.


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