Capabilities Rigid PCB

Project Feature Capability
Material FR-4 \CEM-1\ CEM-3
Product Size Max Finished Product Size(L*W) 1400mm×622mm
Layer Count min/max:1-18 Layers
Board Thickness Single/Double -Sided (min/max) 0.15mm/7.0mm
4 Layers(min/max) 0.40mm/3.50mm
6 Layers(min/max) 0.60mm/3.50mm
8 Layers(min/max) 0.80mm/3.50mm
10 Layers(min/max) 1.20mm/3.50mm
12 Layers(min/max) 1.50mm/3.50mm
Board thickness Tolerance ±10%
hole Min hole Size(PTH/NPTH)

Min finished slot(PTH/NPTH) 0.45×0.75mm/0.50×0.80mm
Hole Tolerance PTH(min) ±0.076mm
Hole Tolerance NPTH(min) ±0.05mm
Hole position Tolerance ±0.075mm
Min line width and line spacing Base Copper 1/4OZ 0.075mm/0.075mm
Base Copper 1/3OZ 0.075mm/0.09mm
Base Copper 0.50Z 0.10mm/0.10mm
Base Copper 1 0Z 0.15mm/0.15mm
Base Copper 2 0Z 0.20mm/0.20mm
Base Copper 30Z 0.254mm/0.30mm
Base Copper 4 0Z 0.305mm/0.40mm
Base Copper 5OZ 0.40mm/0.45mm
Line width, line spacing etch tolerance ±20%
Dry Film Tent Hole Capability 6.00mm(MAX)
Distance Min Annular Ring:Inner Layer 0.18mm(Via: 0.13mm)min
Min Annular Ring:Outer Layer 0.18mm(Via: 0.13mm)min
Cu To Outline On Inner Layer 0.20mm(min)
Cu to Outline On Outer Layer milling:0.20mm(min)
NPTH Hole To Cu 0.20mm(min)
Copper Thickness Finished Copper Thickness 0.5 0Z - 6 0Z
Cu In Hole Wall 18um (min)
Surface Treatment Immersion Nickel Gold Nickel Thickness:100-300µ"
Gold Thickness:1-5µ"
Electroplated Nickel Gold Nickel Thickness:100-300µ"
Gold Thickness:1-60µ"
Immersion Tin Thickness 0.8-1.2um
Immersion Silver Thickness 0.12-0.45um
HAL thickness 1µm(min)
Solder mask Min S/M Bridge green S/M: 0.076mm
not green S/M: 0.090mm
S/M Opening Bigger Than Pad 0.025mm
Min S/M Thickness Line Angle ≥5µm,
Line Surface ≥10um
Min Distance From Line To S/M Opening 0.05mm
Silkscreen Min Character Height 0.71mm
Min character line Width 0.12mm
Profile Outline Tolerance Milling:±0.127mm
V-cut Angle:30/45/60
Position Accuracy:±0.10mm
Alignment Accuracy:0.10mm
Panel L× W:65.00mm×65.00mm
Minimum Punch Hole Board Thickness 80%
Minimum Punch Slot Board Thickness 80%
Minimum Milling Slot 1.00mm×3.00mm