Capabilities Rigid-Flex PCB

Project Low Difficulty (normal crafting) Moderate Difficulty only for samples high Difficulty
Layer 2-6 6-10 ≥10 Layers
Blind/Buried Hole NONE VIA IN PAD, blind or buried
Surface Treatment Immersion Ni/Au(+Gold Finger)、OSP、Immersion Silver、Immersion Tin 、Immersion Silver HAL, selective Plate Ni/Au
Material FR4+Polyimide ROGERS4 +Polyimide Others+Polyimide
Dielectric PP、Adhesive
Drill Knife Milling 0.15mm≤Hole≤6.0mm
Hole ≥6.0mm,Milling the Hole;
Min 0.15mm Hole : Max Board Thickness 1.5mm;
Min 0.2mm Hole : Max Board Thickness 2.0mm;
0.25mm≤Ф≤0.35mm,Max Board Thickness 3.2mm;
0.4mm≤Ф≤0.55mm,Max Board Thickness 4.8mm;
Hole>0.55mm,Max Board Thickness 6.4mm
1、≥6.0mm,≥±0.1mm;2、≥6.0mm,Milling the Hole /
LaseRing HDI-Rigid-Flex
Aspect Ratio Aspect Ratio<10 10≤Aspect Ratio≤12 Aspect Ratio>12
Countersunk Hole Size 3.0mm≤Hole≤6.5mm /
Angle 90° /
Hole Position Tolerance ±0.1mm ±0.075mm ±0.05mm
Hole Tolerance PTH ±0.075mm ±0.05≤Tolerance<±0.075mm <±0.05mm
NPTH ±0.05mm ±0.05mm <±0.05mm
Hole Space ≥10Mil 8≤Hole Space≤10 <8Mil
Space Between Hole To Rigid-fFex Area ≥1mm ≥0.8mm ≥0.5mm
Min Trace Width And Space (Inner Layer) Finish Cu 18um ≥3/3 Mil ≥2/2 Mil <2/2 Mil
Finish Cu 35um ≥3/4 Mil ≥2.5/3 Mil <2.5/3 Mil
Finish Cu 75um ≥5/7 Mil ≥5/6 Mil <5/6 Mil
Finish Cu 105um ≥6/10 Mil ≥6/9 Mil <6/9 Mil
Min Trace Width And Space (outer Layer) Finish Cu 18um ≥4/4 Mil ≥3/4Mil or partially 3/3Mil <3/3 Mil
Finish Cu 35um ≥4/6 Mil ≥4/5 Mil <4/5 Mil
Finish Cu 75um ≥5/8 Mil ≥5/7 Mil <5/7 Mil
Finish Cu 105um ≥8/12 Mil ≥6/10 Mil <6/10 Mil
Min Annular Ring Finish Cu 18um via ≥4Mil ≥3Mil <3 Mil
Finish Cu 18um PTH ≥7Mil ≥6Mil <6 Mil
Finish Cu 35um via ≥5Mil ≥4Mil <3 Mil
Finish Cu 35um PTH ≥7Mil ≥6Mil <8 Mil
Finish Cu 75um via ≥6Mil ≥5Mil <5 Mil
Finish Cu 75um PTH ≥12Mil ≥10Mil <10 Mil
Finish Cu 105um via ≥8Mil ≥6Mil <6 Mil
Finish Cu 105um PTH ≥14Mil ≥12Mil <12 Mil
Etch Tolerance ±20% ±10%≤ Tolerance<±20% ±10%
BGA HAL 12Mil 10Mil 8Mil
Ni/Au Size≥11Mil 8.0Mil≤Size<11.0Mil Size<8Mil
Inner Layer Space between Hole to Cu 4L ≥8Mil 7Mil≤Space<8Mil 6Mil≤Space<7Mil
6L ≥9Mil 8Mil≤Space<9Mil 6.5Mil≤Space<8Mil
8L ≥10Mil 8Mil≤Space<10Mil 7Mil≤Space<8Mil
≥10L ≥12Mil 10Mil<Space<12Mil 7.5Mil≤Space<10Mil
Min Annular clearance 4L ≥8Mil ≥8Mil ≥8Mil
6L ≥9Mil ≥8Mil ≥8Mil
8L ≥10Mil ≥9Mil ≥8Mil
≥10L ≥12Mil ≥12Mil ≥12Mil
Cu to outline Milling (Rigid Area) ≥0.25mm ≥0.20mm <0.20mm
LaseRing(Flex Area) ≥0.2mm ≥0.15mm <0.15mm
Rigid-Flex Area ≥0.5mm ≥0.25mm <0.25mm
SMT Width 12Mil 8Mil <8Mil
Surface Treatment(uinch) Immersion Ni 100-150 200 >200
Immersion Au 1-5 5-8
Plate Gold Ni 100-150 200 >200
Plate Gold Au 1-10 10-50
Gold Finger Ni 120-150 200 >200
Gold Finger Au 10-50 10-50
Cu in Hole Wall(um) through 18-25 25-50 >50
blind 18-25 25-50 >50
buried 15-25 23-50 >50
HDI via 12-15 / >15
Base Cu Inner/ outer(OZ) 0.5-1 1.5 2
Solder Mask S/M opening(Mil) 2-4 1.5 <1.5
S/M bridge(Mil) 4(original Space 8) 3-4(original Space 8) <3(original Space <7)
S/M Plug Hole to smd pads Double-sided window plug hole
vias Size 0.20mm≤via≤0.40mm 0.4mm<via≤0.60mm /
Board Thickness 0.40mm≤Thickness ≤2.4mm >2.4mm /
Silkscreen Word Width / Height Ratio 4 Mil/1:6 <5/1:6
Solder Mask word Word Width / Height Ratio 12Mil/40Mil 10Mil/30Mil 8Mil/20Mil
Silkscreen colour Color White,Yellow,Black /
Max Board Thickness 2 Layer 2mm 2.5mm >3.0mm
Multi Layer 2mm 2.5mm >3.0mm
2 Layer(Rigid-Flex) ≥0.8mm 0.4mm <0.4mm
4L ≥0.60mm 0.40mm <0.40mm
6L ≥1.00mm 0.80mm <0.80mm
8L ≥1.20mm 1.00mm <1.00mm
10L ≥1.40mm 1.20mm <1.20mm
12L ≥1.70mm 1.50mm <1.50mm
14L ≥2.00mm 1.80mm <1.80mm
Rigid Thickness And Tolerance mm T≤1.0 ±0.10 ±0.08 /
1.0<T≤1.6 ±0.13 ±0.1
1.6<T≤2.5 ±0.18 ±8%
2.5<T≤3.2 ±0.23 ±8%
T≥3.2 ±10% ±8%
Max Product Size 2 Layer 100×100mm 200×200mm 280*450mm
multiLayer 100×100mm 200×200mm 280*450mm
Min length Size ≥10mm ≥5mm ≥2mm
Min Product Size ≥20mm 10mm≤Size<20mm <10mm
Gold Finger Beveling Angle 20°30°45°60° <20° or >60°
Angle Tolerance >±5° ±5° <±5°
depth Tolerance ≥0.15mm 0.15mm<Tolerance ≤0.1mm <0.10mm
Tolerance ≥±0.15mm ±0.10mm≤Tolerance<±0.15mm Tolerance<±0.10mm
V-CUT Angle 30、45、60 /
Max V-CUT count 20 30 40
Product Width Size 80mm<Width<610mm 60mm<Width<80mm Width<60mm
Board Thickness 0.6mm≦T≦2.4mm 0.5mm≦T<0.6mm T<0.5mm or T>2.4mm
Rest Thickness >0.4mm 0.25mm<T<0.40mm <0.25mm
V-CUT type V-CUT jump V-CUT /
Auto V- CUT Angle 20、30 / /
Panel Size 110*110mm<Size<610*610mm / Size<110*110mm or Size>610*610mm
Board Thickness 0.4mm≦T≦3.2mm 3.2mm≦T≦4.0mm T<0.4mm OR T>4.0mm
Rest Thickness >0.4mm 0.25mm<T<0.40mm <0.25mm
Panel Size Min Panel Size ≥100*120mm / <100*120mm
Max Panel Size ≤12*19.6 inch 14*19.6 inch /
Impedance Tolerance ±10%,≤50Ω:±5Ω <±10%,≤50Ω:<±5Ω
Bow And Twist ≥0.7% 0.7%≤ Bow And Twist≤0.5% Bow And Twist<0.5%
HAL PTH Size>0.5mm 0.4mm≤Size≤0.5mm /
Board Thickness 0.5mm≤T≤3.5mm 0.4mm≤T<0.5mm /
Min Trace Space(Trace being HAL) ≥12Mil 10Mil≤Space<12Mil <10Mil